Abortion is a medical procedure that ends a pregnancy. It is a basic health care need for millions of women. Knowing what an abortion is is important to know when we have to make a decision.
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Abortion in the United States
It is important to know what an abortion is so that, when the time comes, you can make the decision with all the information you need. Abortion is the termination of pregnancy that can occur naturally (spontaneous abortion) or by voluntary decision of the woman (induced or induced abortion).

In California, the Abortion Law provides for abortion up to 14 weeks of pregnancy by the woman's choice and up to 22 weeks if the fetus is severely malformed or continued pregnancy poses a risk to the woman's health or life.

The law also contemplates the possibility of abortion beyond the 22nd week if there is a disease in the fetus that is incompatible with life or if a very serious disease is detected and is not curable at the time of diagnosis. In this case (gestation beyond 22 weeks) the induced abortion must be approved by a clinical committee.

It is important to note that more than 70% of Spanish women have an abortion before the 14th week of pregnancy, according to data from the Ministry of Health.

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Types of miscarriage Miscarriage

Spontaneous abortion occurs in an unwanted way and for reasons related to complications of the fetus or the mother. It usually occurs in the first weeks of gestation, usually without the need for surgical intervention.

Induced abortion
Induced abortion is an abortion that is self-induced and premeditated. The pregnancy is terminated by means of drugs or instruments that cause the expulsion of the contents of the uterus. There are two types of induced abortion

Abortion pills or pharmacological

abortion. It is usually recommended up to 7 weeks of gestation (it can be extended a week longer if medically indicated) and consists of taking a combination of two drugs (Mifepristone and Misoprostol) to terminate the pregnancy.
Surgical abortion. It is a set of surgical techniques to voluntarily terminate the pregnancy, either by aspiration (week 12 to 15 of gestation), dilation and evacuation (weeks 16 to 19) or induction (weeks 19 to 22), so that it must be carried out in a health center or IVE Clinic authorized and accredited to perform a legal abortion.
Where to have an abortion? Public or private abortion?
Abortion through Social Security (free abortion). In the case of free abortion, the service is included in the Public Health System and therefore has no cost for the woman.
Abortion in accredited IVE Clinics (abortion paid for by the woman). In this case, the cost of the abortion is assumed by the woman. Everything is done directly at the clinic without having to go through the Public Health System.
Here you can see the best abortion clinics in Spain so that you can choose according to their location, facilities and characteristics.

To know the price of an abortion, when it is paid by the woman, consult our table of approximate prices according to the type of abortion and weeks of gestation.

It is important that you go only and exclusively to clinics legally accredited for the termination of pregnancy, which will guarantee you access to a safe abortion. In no case and under no circumstances use home methods that may endanger your health. In any of the clinics on our website you will be informed about the procedures you must follow if you want to terminate your pregnancy.

There are currently more than 130 abortion clinics in Spain accredited by the autonomous communities to perform abortions legally.

Choose here the best IVE Clinic in your province. All of them are legal and accredited.

How much does an abortion cost?
If you are wondering how much an abortion costs, you should know that there is no fixed price, but it may vary depending on the number of weeks of gestation and personal circumstances. Each abortion clinic sets its prices according to the medical services they include.

You can find more information about the price of an abortion here.

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