Boris Johnson latest: Penny Mordaunt joins ‘unpredictable’ Tory leadership race


Who could replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister?

Penny Mordaunt has joined the race to become the next Tory leader in what a former Tory cabinet minister has called ‘the most unpredictable leadership election’ ever.

The International Trade Secretary joined eight other Tory MPs in tossing her hat into the ring on Sunday.

Her suitors include Sajid Javid, Jeremy Hunt, Nadhim Zahawi and Rishi Sunak.

“This is probably the most unpredictable leadership election in history,” said veteran Tory MP David Davis.

He added: “It’s also one of the most important because if we don’t do it right we will lose the next election and we will be without power for a long time.”

Meanwhile, the shadow Home Secretary has called the Tory leadership race a ‘chaotic gateway of candidates’ as a growing number of MPs battle to replace Boris Johnson.

Brexit, tax cuts and transgender rights are among the issues the hopefuls have laid out their positions on.


Full story: Paralympian asks to be cut from Penny Mordaunt video

A British Paralympic gold medalist has asked to be cut from Penny Mordaunt’s Tory leadership campaign video – which also featured convicted murderer Oscar Pistorius.

Jonnie Peacock was shown winning the 100m sprint at the London 2012 Paralympic Games in the clip launching Ms Mordaunt’s bid, when it was first posted on Sunday morning.


Ex-Welsh secretary backs Sunak

Simon Hart, the former Welsh Secretary, backs Rishi Sunak as Prime Minister:


“It’s time to grow up,” says Javid

Sajid Javid is pushing his campaign on a promise of tax cuts. More here:


A ‘fresh start’ will come with the Labor government, says Yvette Cooper

The only way to “make a fresh start” for the UK is with a Labor government, shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper has said.

“All the things you’ve heard about some of the candidates today, none of them are going to fix the serious long-term problem of low growth in this country…even on the cost of living crisis, where it’s the Labor Party that has made plans, whether it’s windfall tax, etc., to cut people’s energy bills,’ the Labor MP said.

“At the end of the day, it’s only the Labor Party that will stand up for people across the country rather than just standing up for a small minority, which is what the Tories have always done.”


Two candidates will be left by July 20, according to the treasurer of the backbench committee

The treasurer of the 1922 Committee said he was “absolutely confident” that there will be two final candidates in the Tory leadership race by July 20.

“We now have nine people registered for the race. I’m sure we’ll have at least a few more before we close nominations on Monday and then the process will begin,’ Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown told LBC.

“It will be a demanding process to get to the final two before Parliament goes into recess on July 20, and then we will have to wait and see how it goes.

“If there are two candidates, the board takes over and circles the country in bursts and members will have a vote by mail to decide who is the next leader of the party and the next prime minister.”


Braverman wants to leave the ECHR

Suella Braverman, also a candidate for the Conservative leadership, called on the UK to leave the European Court of Human Rights:


Another missing figure from Mordaunt’s new video

As our political correspondent Ashley Cowburn notes, the Oxford vaccine developer is also absent from Penny Mordaunt’s reposted campaign video:


Mordaunt releases new video after Paralympian complaint

Penny Mordaunt has now tweeted her campaign video without the Paralympic clip:


“Dirty File” by Rishi Sunak?

The Conservative Party leadership race to succeed Boris Johnson has descended into acrimony, as MPs opposed to Rishi Sunak circulated a so-called ‘dirty dossier’ designed to stop building support for his country.

The memo released on the Tory WhatsApp group would personally attack the former chancellor, Adam Forest reports:


Two other Tory MPs support Shapps

Grant Shapps tweeted more MPs supporting him:


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