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Brexit is not to blame for Britain’s economic woes, with the current poor economic outlook being due to a range of pre-existing factors.

The Remainers are still targeting Brexit despite six years of Britain’s Democratic vote to leave the bloc. An expert has pointed out that even though the UK economy is in bad shape due to high inflation and stagnating wages and growth, not all of the UK’s problems can be attributed to the exit from the bloc .

Phil Mullen writes for Spiked: “If Britain is most affected by recent shocks, it is probably because it lacks the material resources and competent political leadership to deal with these shocks.

“These issues cannot be attributed to either the Brexit vote or the end of the Brexit transition period earlier this year.”

Mr Mullen continues: “A quick look at trends in business investment and productivity growth before and since 2016 shows how limited the impact of Brexit has been.

“Trends show that any potential post-Brexit fluctuation – and there always are fluctuations – is only incidental to the bigger picture of the long-term decline in investment and productivity growth in the UK.

“This economic decadence existed long before the referendum and shows little, if any, additional Brexit influence.”


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