Brexit LIVE: New Leave movement formed to fight ‘very well-funded’ Rejoin campaign | United Kingdom | News


Founded in 1969, the Campaign for an Independent Britain (CIBUK) said it had recruited “a team of experienced professionals and seasoned campaigners, all heavily involved in the 2015-16 referendum campaign”.

Writing for pro-Leave EU fact-checking website Facts4EU, CIBUK says the “defeated Remain campaign has turned into a subtle but persistent purveyor of false facts and myths designed to bring the UK back into the EU “.

The group claims to have played a significant role in securing Britain’s exit from the EU over the past 50 years.

They add: “CIBUK is non-partisan and dedicated to freedom, independence and sovereignty.

“We should have no doubt that there continue to be forces against us which are very well funded.

“These not only include campaigns to join the EU, but also encompass other threats to our personal freedoms, such as those advocating the ‘cancellation culture’ prevalent in so many of our educational and other institutions. “

CIBUK intends to prepare a “big campaign” to prove Brexit was the right choice for Britain, taking on UK organizations they say are receiving more than £500,000 in funding.

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