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Boris Johnson and the European Union must hold more constructive talks to “commit to a pragmatic solution” to ensure a smooth post-Brexit trade transition, a business expert has said.

Sir Mike Rake, former director of the Confederation of British Industry, told LBC: “I really think it’s time for government, political parties, to align themselves with long-term policies that really improve our productivity and encourage investment.

“And try to minimize the friction that occurs with the European Union. Now is not the time to engage in trade wars.

“Now is the time to build trust and try to engage in pragmatic solutions that minimize the frictional costs of our leaving the European Union, both from our point of view and from the point of European perspective, and indeed from a global perspective as well.

“This includes concerns about our friends and allies around the world, about what is happening in Ireland.

“So I think there are some things we can do in the long term while really trying to take care of our people in the short term.

“But we have to get away from some of the political ideology and we have to be a lot more pragmatic and provide a bit more of a long-term strategy.”



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