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Britons who moved to Portugal before Brexit were promised that their rights to stay in the EU would be unbalanced and that they would be issued a new residence card. But despite being told that new permits would be coming “soon” since July 2019, new ID cards are still being issued for many.

Without the new residence ID cards, British nationals are now deprived of their basic rights and cannot travel across the bloc with their families.

Some were blocked at airports in other EU countries because their documents were not accepted by border security.

Tig James, co-chairman of the British campaign group in Portugal, told Euronews: “We are in dire straits.

“It has crippled and damaged the lives of British nationals emotionally, physically and financially.”

She added: “Two people have recently been detained in Germany due to expired residency documents.”

In an email, the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) “clarifies that the current residence documents of British nationals living in Portugal continue to be accepted”.

But British resident Nicola Franks said she still had problems traveling to Amsterdam with her husband on a temporary ID.

She told Portuguese television SIC: ‘The border control official looked at these papers which he had obviously never seen before and decided that they were not legitimate, that in fact he was not were only residency applications.

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