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In a grueling interview with the LBC host, the Health Secretary desperately defended the government’s tax hike despite pledging not to raise taxes in his manifesto to cover those costs and pledging more money for post-Brexit healthcare. It came as Mr Ferrari launched an all-out assault demanding exactly where the infamous Brexit bus promise of more money had been invested, believed to be in the ‘billions’. But Mr Javid insisted the funds had been funneled into paying for resources for Britain’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, such as PPE, masks and the multibillion-pound ‘Track and Trace’ system .

Mr Ferrari asked: “A few years ago we were told that if we left the European Union we would save £350m a week which could go to the NHS.

“That’s tens of billions of pounds we’ve saved! Where is it? Why do we need this extra funding now that we have left the European Union?

But Mr Javid pointed out how “despite the extra money” that has flowed into the NHS, including before the pandemic, the impact of coronavirus has plundered promised NHS funding after Brexit.

The Health Secretary went on to say the pandemic had had such an impact on Britain’s healthcare funding that saving £350 a week ‘was not enough to meet the challenges’ posed by Covid.

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But Mr Ferrari hit back by suggesting that £350million a week since January last year when Britain left the European Union ‘is tens of billions of pounds’ as he asked how that huge figure was not “bailing out the NHS”.

And in a brutal slap in the face at the Conservative Party and its track record of pledges, Mr Ferrari slammed: “Or is this another lie from Boris Johnson, just like the lie in his election manifesto?! Just like there isn’t £350m a week!

“There are no promises, you can’t believe a word out of a Tory’s mouth! Tell me where maybe that £30billion is!”

Mr Javid promised the money ‘and much more’, including an additional £29billion in 2021, has flowed into the NHS and social care following the UK’s response to the coronavirus pandemic covering vaccines, additional PPE and test and trace.

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Mr Johnson acknowledged he had broken the manifesto pledge insisting it was ‘not something I do lightly’ but in defense of the unpopular U-turn he added that ‘a global pandemic was not in anyone’s manifesto,” a comment that drew enthusiastic applause. front and rear benches.

While in an effort to cover up the broken promise from 2023, the new social care tax will be described separately on workers’ pay slips.

But until then, funding will come from increased National Insurance payments.

As well as helping to fix funding for the social care crisis, the extra money will also be used to help tackle the NHS backlog caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Waiting lists have reached an all-time high with 5.5million people in England waiting for treatment.


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