Conservative leadership: “Ignore her!” Truss blasts ‘attention seeker’ Sturgeon on IndyRef2 | Politics | New


A new poll shows 56% of people support the proposal that a general election should be called “immediately” when the winner of the Tory leadership race is announced.

The Savanta ComRes investigation comes as ballots are now being sent to Conservative party members. In the poll, just over a third of all respondents disagreed, with the figure slightly higher among Conservative voters at 59%.

But the appetite is still there for a general election among Tory voters, with 34% of those who voted Conservative in 2019 believing the new leader should call for a national vote.

The survey also found that Ms Truss is the clear favorite among those who voted Conservative in 2019, with 45 per cent saying they would prefer her leadership to Mr Sunak.

Only 31% opted for Mr Sunak, while 24% of those polled said they did not know.

Chris Hopkins, Associate Director of Savanta ComRes, said: “While it has become quite common in recent years for prime ministers to come and go without public support in an election, the view that the The Conservative Party’s next leader is expected to call an immediate election and seek a mandate from the British public held by a majority of the public.


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