Conservatives in crisis. Our readers on where the party went wrong


@Marilyn Bradshaw:

“Boris Johnson said he felt a greater weight of responsibility to meet the priorities of the British people. He would first have to convince us that he has any idea what those priorities are. There has been no no evidence of this during his time as Prime Minister.

“He has forced green, woke, and ruinous vanity schemes upon the country, and has now turned his attention to the posturing and signaling of virtue on the world stage, and adds insult to injury by calling us scarcity to pay for his excesses.

“This leopard is not going to change its spots. The Conservative Party needs to change its leader.”


“Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak have the option of cutting taxes, suspending green levies and removing VAT, but they refuse to do so. Even though it might help alleviate the high prices we face. My mother 92-year-old spends nearly £100 a week on heating and lighting her home.

“Neither Sunak nor Johnson deserve to be in charge. Real Tories like Iain Duncan Smith or John Redwood should replace them. It is illegal immigration and illegal immigration that will bring Mr Johnson and others down, not cake!”

High tax

Readers have likened the government’s fiscal policy to that of a leftist government, with many pointing to areas where they believe No 10 is wasting money, such as foreign aid and the ‘bloated’ civil service .


“The Tories have lost my support. Boris Johnson has turned the Tories into a left-wing, tax-and-spend, authoritarian, socialist party very much like New Labour.

“Another right-wing party must replace them. I don’t want to see these ‘so-called’ conservatives in power on the pretext of being right-wing. That’s exactly what Tony Blair did to win and keep power.”


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