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The former Brexit Party and UKIP leader took aim at the former Tory MP over shale gas extraction during his show on GB News on Wednesday. Lord Goldsmith, who entered the Upper House after losing his Richmond Park seat to the Liberal Democrats in 2019, previously rejected calls to bring back fracking after saying the practice could lead voters to punish Tories at the ballot box.

However, Mr Farage cited a new Savanta ComRes survey which found a plurality of Britons support the return of fracking.

The opinion poll found that 44% of those polled said the UK should be in favor of ending the temporary ban on shale gas extraction.

While 36% of respondents opposed this decision and one in five Britons were undecided.

The survey also showed that 41% of British adults think the government’s net zero targets have weakened Britain’s energy security and should be ‘reconsidered’ following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Speaking about fracking and net zero, Mr Farage said: ‘A few weeks ago I said here on GB News that I was really going to start campaigning to challenge what was being done in the name of net zero.

“The folly, in my opinion, to import energy that we could produce here and export manufactured goods just to bring the goods back to this country.

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“Well, an opinion poll released today by ComRes indicates that there is now a majority of people who think we should start fracking for onshore gas.

“There are a large number of undecided people, I grant you, but there is a large majority who now think this should be done.”

Mr Farage then turned to fire a shot at fellow Eurosceptic Lord Goldsmith.

The ex-MP said: “Poor old Lord Zac Goldsmith.

“He’s going to be terribly upset.

“He is determined that we import everything into this country and produce next to nothing.”

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Goldsmith, who was appointed minister at the Foreign Office in 2019, reiterated his opposition to fracking earlier this year.

Writing on Twitter in February, he said: “The argument that fracking will reduce our dependence on Russian gas is false.

“Between 1% and 3% of British gas comes from Russia.
“We mainly import from Norway – a friend and ally.

“And to replace half the gas we import, we would probably need around 6,000 new wells, with all the associated industrial equipment and the endless movements of trucks carrying toxic chemicals and sewage to and from the sites. .

“It’s hard to imagine communities across the UK agreeing with this.”
He added: “It’s hard to overstate how unpopular fracking is with the British public.

“Last BEIS attitude tracker showed only 18% support (76% terrestrial wind supported).

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“People don’t want large-scale industrialization of the British countryside.

“And given that the gas would be produced by private companies and sold at the highest price (internationally), there would probably be no measurable impact on UK gas prices anyway.

“We need gas – it’s the cleanest bridge to renewables (I haven’t seen a model that says otherwise). But the UK is not Utah.

“To have any impact, the government would have to rig the market and go to war with angry communities.

“At all levels, the cost would be enormous.”


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