I’m the only candidate with a “true conservative” economic plan.


We don’t have long to turn things around before the next election. Now is the time to focus relentlessly on delivery. Division would only play into the hands of our adversaries who would betray the Brexit promise and threaten the integrity of our precious Union.

Ultimately, Britain and the free world face a watershed moment with the global economy in dire straits and the threat of authoritarians on the rise. We are at a critical moment not only in British history, but in the West in general, and it is against this backdrop that this competition is taking place. This should sharpen the spirits. What we need now is a bold vision, a clear plan and someone who can implement it.

I am the only person who can bring about the change we need on the economy – in accordance with true conservative principles – and the only person who can step up and lead the response to Ukraine and the increased security threat to which the free world faces. Brittany is a big country. Britain’s future is bright if we make the right choices and lead with great resolve, determination and clarity of purpose. As Prime Minister, I would.

I will never tire of championing freedom, and my philosophy is rooted in my fierce belief in freedom, aspiration, and enterprise. I know that the British share these values ​​and that is why they want a Conservative government united with the courage of its convictions.

At this critical moment, our party faces a choice. I will unite us in bringing real economic change to the British people across our great country. Together we can ensure that Britain’s happiest days lie ahead.


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