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Opposition leaders have tabled a motion to inquire into Prime Minister Boris Johnson for ‘misleading Parliament’, sparking a Commons debate on Thursday over whether Mr Johnson intentionally lied , he said he did not break the rules at Downing Street parties. At the end of the session, MPs will hold a vote to determine whether the Prime Minister misled Parliament because of the party gate. Labor Education Secretary Bridget Phillipson has called on Conservative LBC MPs to do the only reasonable thing to do.

MP Phillipson said: ‘If they feel the Prime Minister has nothing to hide and has done nothing wrong, then I see no good reason why they wouldn’t support this motion tomorrow.’

Asked about the timing of the motion, she said: ‘I think it is important that the House has the opportunity to determine whether he has misled Parliament and it is now up to Conservative MPs to think overnight if they want to continue supporting the prime minister who broke the law.

“I mean, I can’t think of any former Tory prime minister who would behave this way and not resign.

“But really, it’s up to them tonight to ask themselves if they want to continue being part of this terrible show.”

Mr Johnson apologized to Parliament for breaking covid rules on Wednesday, but added that “it did not occur to me at the time or afterwards that a gathering in the Cabinet room just before a vital Covid strategy meeting could be a breach of the rules.”

Boris Johnson has been fined by the Metropolitan Police for breaking Covid rules and is believed to have attended six of the 12 lockdown parties or events held in Downing Street between May 2020 and April 2021.

MP Phillipson continued: ‘The only reason we have to table this motion in the first place is that the Prime Minister refuses to resign.’

If successful, the motion would be referred to the Privileges Committee which would formally investigate two events.

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MP Phillipson added: ‘I can’t think of a former Tory Prime Minister who broke the law while in office, lied to the British people about it, cheated Parliament about it and therefore broke the Ministerial Code, with therefore at that time not think i should do the right thing for the country and resign.

“I find that inconceivable. It’s just Boris Johnson desperately trying to hold on to the office here.

Another, more comprehensive report by civil servant Sue Gray is expected to be released after the Met’s investigation.

The privileges committee has the power to force the release of documents and could quash the Met’s investigation.


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