London politics live: Nadhim Zahawi says tax cuts ‘are not a fairy tale’ to Rishi Sunak


Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi hit out at Rishi Sunak in a row for ‘fairytale’ tax cuts as the Tory leadership race intensified on Tuesday.

In a new video, Mr Zahawi also slammed the government for “feeling a little apathetic” recently and promised it would present a “strong vision backed by a strong philosophy”, including delivering the benefits of Brexit, reforming education and increasing defense spending.

“Of course we have to reduce the tax burden,” he said.

“I believe that reducing taxes is not a fairy tale but rather a crucial step in tackling the cost of living crisis.”

His words hit back at Mr Sunak, who officially launched his leadership bid on Tuesday, and who warned rival candidates against telling “heartwarming fairy tales” about the nation’s finances.

He supports tax cuts, but only once inflation is brought under control, while now also focusing on growing the economy.

Mr Zahawi, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and other candidates promise faster tax cuts as millions of families and businesses across Britain grapple with the cost of home crisis life.

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Sunak: Boris Johnson has a good heart

Rishi Sunak says Boris Johnson is “one of the most remarkable people I have ever met”.

“No matter what some commentators say, he has a good heart,” he says.

“Did I disagree with him?” Frequently. Is it defective? Yes.

“It didn’t work anymore? Yes. That’s why I quit.

“I will not participate in a rewrite of history that seeks to demonize Boris Johnson or deny his efforts.”


Raab: Sunak is the only candidate capable of beating Labor

Mr Raab says Mr Sunak has ‘economic leadership’ and is the only Tory candidate capable of beating Labour.

“He has the economic leadership, he is the only candidate who can win seats on the red wall and on the blue wall,” he adds.


Shapps supports Sunak

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps threw his support behind Rishi Sunak.

He tweeted: “A big thank you to my team for helping me prepare my leadership bid in no time! Among a group of bright candidates, I spoke to Rishi Sunak who I believe has the skill and experience to lead this country.


Raab supports Rishi Sunak

Dominic Raab is the first speaker at Rishi Sunak’s campaign launch, announcing his support for the former chancellor.

“Rishi’s values ​​are our values,” he says. “He’s someone who makes things happen.”


Pictured: Rees-Mogg and Dorries back Truss


Breaking: Rees-Mogg and Dorries support Truss

Boris Johnson’s allies Jacob Rees-Mogg and Nadine Dorries have shown their support for Foreign Secretary Liz Truss.

Speaking to reporters in Downing Street, the Minister for Brexit Opportunities and the Culture Secretary threw their support behind Ms Truss to become the next Tory leader, and therefore Prime Minister.


Tax cuts ‘have to be earned’, says Tory peer

Former Tory leader Lord Hague has accused leadership candidates of ‘over-promising’ on tax cuts.

He told Times Radio: “Tax cuts have to be earned and you always have to have a solvent country and where, we’re not balancing the budget these days, but you can’t let the budget deficit become completely uncontrollable, and so Margaret Thatcher’s view has always been that good financial management eventually leads to tax cuts.

“It’s not that you solve all your problems that way. So I think some of the candidates have put too much emphasis in this leadership election so far on this issue, on the issue of tax cuts.

“They are trying to differentiate themselves, of course, from each other and from former chancellor Rishi Sunak, so you can understand that in a way.

“But there’s too much attention and too many promises made on it at the moment.”


Pictured: Starmer en route to Wycombe Football Stadium

Sir Keir Starmer is on his way to Adams Park, home of Wycombe Wanderers FC, where he will hold a meeting of his shadow cabinet.


Javid ’embarrassed’ at being sent to defend partygate scandal

Tory leadership hopeful Sajid Javid said he was “embarrassed” to have to defend Number 10 in the partygate scandal.

He said ITV News“I made my anger very clear and I think I made it super clear when I quit.”

Mr Javid said he did not feel guilty over his resignation, which brought down Boris Johnson.

“I felt I had to do the right thing – what my conscience dictates, I didn’t think about what that means for the Prime Minister, to be honest.”


Mordaunt vows to break SNP’s ‘yellow wall’

Tory leadership candidate Penny Mordaunt has said she has what it takes to break down the SNP’s ‘yellow wall’ and help the Tories come to power in Scotland.

Writing in the Scottish Daily Mail, she said: “We will not defeat the SNP by dividing people. We will only beat it with a message that unites the country by focusing on what really matters.

“And we have to define this ambition to defeat the nationalists one day. I won’t pretend it will be easy. But as a member of the Royal Navy, I have the courage and the determination to meet this enormous challenge.


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