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It comes as a dossier is being circulated to MPs about the Prime Minister explaining why he needs to review Partygate and political issues. Some Tory MPs fear staying with Mr Johnson could open the door to a ‘Join alliance’ of Labour, SNP and Lib Dems, bringing Britain back into the EU and possibly leading to the breakup of the UK. United.

Express.co.uk has been briefed on the latest push by Tory insiders to evict Mr Johnson as the Prime Minister faces a crucial day on whether he faces a vote of confidence.

There is still furor over the lockdown-breaking events in Downing Street, dubbed Parrtygate, and concerns over how he was booed during Jubilee celebrations by crowds of normally Tory Royalists.

But Tory MPs are also angry about political issues including rising taxes including national insurance and corporation tax, but also concern over Net Zero policies and the problems of the Nanny state like gambling reform.

Polls show the Tories losing support with this week’s Techne UK/Express tracking poll revealing they are now eight points behind Labour.

Another Techne UK poll for the Express highlighted that more than half of voters think he hasn’t acted quickly enough to make the most of Brexit freedoms.

Speculation is mounting that the threshold of 54 letters from Tory MPs asking for a vote on his leadership has been reached.

But some insiders believe there is only an ’80 per cent certainty’ it will happen this week as some MPs await the outcome of two by-elections in Wakefield and Tiverton and Honiton on June 23.

Both were Conservative seats in the 2019 election but were vacated due to scandals.

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But loyalists believe the number of letters has been exaggerated, with one calling those behind the rumors ‘the usual suspects’.

A furious Red Wall MP told Express.co.uk: “You have to take the gloves off when dealing with these people (the rebels).

“Enough is enough. They have gone too far and are weakening Boris who is and remains our best electoral asset.

A former minister added: ‘It’s the usual combination of bitter leftover types – and I use the word bitter advisedly – and bitter people who have lost ministerial posts or not been promoted. they think they deserve.”


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