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Former Conservative voter and former chairman of the Monmouth Conservative Association, Roy Garner, has ruled out the possibility of the Conservative Party getting another term in the next general election. He claimed the Tories “are very lucky to have no opposition” and predicted a possible “opening for the UK Reform and Independence Party” at the next general election. Referring to his recent decision to leave the party, he added “I left the Conservative Party, but in fact I believe the Conservative Party left me.” He argued that the Tories were “everything other than Tories and had lost all basis”.

Asked if the party could win in the next general election, Mr Garner told GB News: “As things stand, no chance.

“They are very lucky to have no opposition.”

He explained: “The Labor Party has no credibility.

“Liberal Democrats, well, they’re Liberal Democrats and they haven’t been in power for many years.

“I think there is now an opening for a group like the Reform Party.

“Independents, I think they are more likely to pass the next election.

“The political appeal has lost a huge amount of confidence.”

He continued, “I am no longer a member.

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