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Penny Mordaunt could play ‘hardball’ with the European Union over the hated Brexit deal once elected to power, Berkshire MP James Sunderland has told BBC Newsnight.

Ms Mordaunt has previously told the House of Commons that the Northern Ireland Protocol creates ‘unique disadvantages’ for Northern Ireland, disrupts trade and poses challenges for businesses due to ‘increased bureaucracy and costs”.

Brexiter Ms Mordaunt has an impressively organized campaign. She racked up the second most endorsements after Sunak, spending time meeting one-on-one with MPs rather than on the air.

Tory MP Mr Sunderland has explained why he supports Ms Mordaunt’s approach to the EU over the Northern Ireland Protocol if she becomes Prime Minister.

He said: “Penny is a Brexiter. The government got this protocol through. It was passed last week. It is very important that we maintain our commitment to Brexit.

“In my humble opinion, if the European Union does not want to be under the table, does not give them the concessions that we need, then Penny, in my opinion, will be ready to go hard with them.

“The trade war is of no interest to anyone. It is important that we work with the European Union. Penny is happy to do this but at the same time we must take tougher action if we need to.”



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