UK Global Health Insurance Card: Union Jackery on Post-Brexit Health Card


UNION Jackery comes in many forms – we’ve seen the flag plastered behind Boris Johnson and his ministers, in supermarket aisles, on our driving licenses, the taillights of BMW-made Minis, and now on the replacement of our European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

While we were in Europe, the EHIC entitled us to health care throughout the bloc, either free or at a reduced cost.

We now have the imaginative UK Global Health Insurance Card, which is claimed to perform the same actions for UK citizens when they are in Europe and need medical treatment.

The new card is basically a plastic Union Jack with some writing on the front, but Twitter user Dun Garbhan (@Dungarbhan) yesterday pointed out that not everyone will be too eager to use them: “Arrived today , replacing the EHIC. May cover some health care costs abroad if discomfort does not prevent use. #flegs”

According to the UK government’s website touting the cards, they allow you to get “public healthcare in Europe at a reduced or sometimes free cost”.

If you have an EHIC, the site says it will be valid until its expiry date, when you will need to apply for the UK version.

However, he warns: “You cannot use an existing GHIC or EHIC in Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland. You will need travel insurance with medical coverage.


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